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Secure Deposits

Placing A Deposit!

Congratulations on your new vehicle! On this page you will be able to place a secure deposit for your vehicle. You may have discussed detailed information with us and have an email to confirm all details. The deposit is processed through Paypal, and can be submitted with your Paypal account or any major Credit Card.

By leaving a deposit for your vehicle, you agree and understand that the deposit is Non-Refundable, as outlined below. This is to protect you as a customer, and also to protect us as a business.

How it Protects You:

Once we have a secure deposit on a vehicle, the vehicle is held for you until you return by the agreed upon date to finalize your transaction. The vehicle will not be sold to anyone else and is on hold for you. All other potential customers that may inquire about that vehicle are informed that it is no longer for sale. Vehicles may be held for a maximum of 10 calendar days from day of deposit, unless other arrangements have been made and confirmed by us in writing. A vehicle hold for more than 10 days will require a larger deposit than a hold for a shorter period of time.

How it Protects Us:

If for any reason you fail to finalize the transaction, the deposit is held to sustain any and all liquidated damages by holding the vehicle from any other sale and to re-list the item for sale.

Instructions on placing a deposit:

1) You may leave a $500.00 or $1000.00 deposit. Please select one from the list.
2) Enter the VIN of the vehicle in the VIN text box.
You may obtain the VIN from our “VEHICLES” page of this website, located next to each vehicle once you click on it.
3) Enter the year, make and model of the vehicle in the next text box. This identifies which vehicle is being purchased.
4) Click the “Add to Cart” Button which will take you into Paypal’s website and then follow the step by step process. (Very simple)
*NOTE: It is not necessary to have a Paypal account – once on their site, you can select “Pay with Credit Card” instead.
5) You understand and agree that this is a Deposit Only for a Volvo purchase, and that the final balance of the transaction shall be paid upon completion of the sale.
6) You will receive an email confirming the prices as discussed, for your own records.
7) By proceeding, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms of placing a Non-Refundable Deposit on a vehicle.